Key Words: Fresh off primary loss, Rep. Mark Sanford frets over consequence-free lies


In an interview slated to be aired Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Rep. Mark Sanford, recalling his own personal experience a decade ago with having “lived a lie” and facing “incredible consequences,” suggests the country is courting existential danger if a societal decision has been made that facts and truth no longer matter, particularly in regard to the utterances of President Donald Trump:

‘There is no seeming consequence to the president and lies.’

The South Carolinian, who lost a primary this week and thus joined a host of Republican incumbents departing Congress in January, arguably due at least in part to a critical tweet by Trump, tells NBC’s CMCSA, +0.18% Chuck Todd that party leaders — in contrast to such sporadic intraparty critics as Jeff Flake and Bob Corker — “are running for the hills.”

Why? He cited a veteran lawmaker of the past as having uttered this illustrative phrase: “The name of the game is staying in the game.”

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