Key Words: Trump tweets dial up attack on Amazon ‘scam’ and the ‘lobbyist’ and ‘fake’ Washington Post


Two days after introducing the topic with a Thursday tweet saying the e-commerce giant was using the U.S. Postal Service as a delivery boy, President Trump renewed his attack on’s business practices with a brace of tweets early Saturday, while also opening himself up to speculation that his ill will toward the company AMZN, +1.11% is as much about coverage of his administration by the Washington Post, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as it is about postal-service fees and sales-tax remittance.

Seguéing into the topic with the 48-hours-later “[w]hile we are on the subject,” Trump appeared to label the respected daily not only “fake” but a “lobbyist” for Amazon (with, oddly enough, a citation of another top-tier mainstream media outlet, the New York Times):

Stitching together the sentence that bridges the two tweets and appears likely to come under tight scrutiny:

‘The Failing N.Y. Times reports that “the size of the company’s lobbying staff has ballooned,” and that […] does not include the Fake Washington Post, which is used as a “lobbyist” and should so REGISTER.’


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The Thursday tweet in which Trump first leveled his idiosyncratic critique — it came a day after White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said no plans were in the works to “go after” — in the words of an Axios report on the matter — Amazon:

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