The Margin: Elon Musk: ‘Dang, turns out even Hitler was shorting Tesla stock’


Elon Musk clearly relishes poking the bears, especially when his Tesla Inc. TSLA, -0.39%  stock is in rally mode, like it was after last week’s earnings report. He wasn’t about to let that opportunity pass.

Early Sunday, Musk tweeted a doctored scene from “Downfall,” a 2004 film about Adolf Hitler’s final days. In the actual clip, which has been parodied many times since its release, Hitler is yelling at his generals as Allied forces close in.

In the version posted by Musk, Hitler is a frantic fund manager who’s been caught on the wrong side of a Tesla trade. “If Tesla doesn’t go bankrupt soon, I’ll lose everything,” he says in one of the subtitles.

Here’s the tweet:

Musk has reason to be cheerful, considering Tesla shares surged more than 16% on Thursday, a day after its earnings report.

As for the short-sellers he so enjoys taunting, they were sitting on a paper loss of almost $2 billion after the spike, according to S3 Partners LLC, a company that has access to and tracks real-time short interest data.